Fabric Emboss Printing
In the fabric printing industry, Embossing refers to a method of pressing an image into fabric to create a three dimensional or a ghosting design. Text, logos and other images can all be formed by the embossing method. Embossing results in a raised surface, with the design higher than the surrounding fabric area. A similar but less common technique is Debossing. Debossing results in a depressed surface, with the design lower than the surrounding fabric area. We offer you many different designs and patterns.
Embossing can only be done on to polyester based fabrics. Cotton and Viscose fabrics are not suitable for such finishing.

As a unique proposition, Ünlü Transfer can also print sublimation paper on a fabric with the help of an embossing cylinder. With this method only the male parts of the cylinder kisses with the paper and the fabric.

Emboss on emboss is another effect which adds the secondary and third cylinders to the design mix. This way of printing combination of designs can widen your imagination significantly.
Fabric crushing is a finishing method which accompanies steam and physical bending of the fabric to various directions.

- Honeycomb Crush
- Straight or Vertical Crush (The pleats create a series of graceful vertical lines in the fabric.)
- Rope Crush

Rope Crush Process is which fabric is wrinkled in such a way the effect is in long term and the width of the fabric is larsen. It can be done both on Finished and Pre-finished fabric depending on the customers requirement. This is a good value added process both for the home industry and garment industry, can be done on all man made fabrics and also a little effect can be achieved on combination of natural and man made fabric.
Pleating involves folding fabric into different shapes creating differences in the volume and texture of the fabric.
Flat Pleats, Knife Pleats

After Pleating the fabric lies flat on the surface. Usually under pleat is half of the over pleat.

Flared Pleats

This Pleat is generally known as Graduated Pleats. The difference between this kind of pleat and a standard flat pleat is that flared pleats under pleats varies in width from the hip to the hem.

Box Pleats Straight

This pleat combines two different approaches to create a unique box shaped pleat. There is a left and a right flat pleat after each other to create the box shape. Inverted box pleats have the “box” on the inside rather than the outside.

Accordion Pleats Straight

This pleat looks like an accordion because it is formed by two pleats which both have the same length. It's a form of tight pleating which allows the garment to expand its shape when moving.


This Pleat also known as mini accordion. each pleat size measures about 2.00 mm up to 5.00 mm

Sunray Pleats

A Sunray pleat is a graduated accordion pleat that is pleated in a semi-circle. The pleat starts off very small at the hip and gets bigger closer to the hem.

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