To enhance and strengthen the fabrics, taps, textile products and other flexible substrates, it is mandate that some type of the coating and lamination required, coating helps the industrial products to achieve the desired level of strength, surface tension, look and feel and improve the durability. Ünlü Transfer since last 20 years, with its craftsmen excellence helping the industries for their need of coating and laminating machineries for the tape, fabric, textile products, and other flexible substances with deep level of the customization.

Fabric coating systems that we use utilize any from the below coating techniques: Hot melt Coating Systems, Slot Die Coating Machine, Reverse Roll Coating Machine, Knife Over Roll Coating and immersion/dip coating.
Fabric surface modification is a novel technique by coating and lamination which can improve structural performances. It provides the opportunities to manufacturer the special fabrics like water-proof resistant tarpaulins, coverings, large tents and architectural uses, back coating for upholstery including auto seats, food, medical applications, parachutes, woven curtains, for heat-sensitive fabrics, automotive fabrics, disposable hospital apparel etc. the recent developments also enhanced the lamination and coating technique into state-of-art process of the future in textile field.

Ünlü Transfer can be your contract fabric laminator, supplying you with some of the components needed for your laminated package, or provide you with the entire composite. Our converting operation has a wide range of fabrics and films that are in-stock, and if we don’t carry a particular item, we’ll draw on our long established relationships with prime sources to find it. You’ll be working directly with our own technical laminating staff to develop your own unique composite.
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